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We’re back!

It’s been a while since we blogged but now, with our new book completed and about to be released, we’re finally joining in the 150 years of celebration of the magnificent London Underground.  Having visited all fifty Northern Line stations and publishing our book in 2011, we decided to make our lives a little easier this time.  For our next book we chose the twenty-seven station line going to the Olympic site.  Starting in the freezing winter of 2012 we worked our way from Stanmore to Stratford, arriving at our goal two weeks before the opening Olympic ceremony.  It was quite a journey with lots of interest to see including a visit to the Camden Arts Centre, Lord’s Cricket Ground, Wembley Football Stadium, Florence Nightingale Museum and so much more.  Watch this space.  Here is a picture of Carole at Westfield which we visited as part of our initial reconnoitre.  We were impressed by the coffee…