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Watch out Waterstones

Blog tubedate 5th December, 2011

Where’s the time gone?  How does time do that? The nearer Christmas comes it sort of swallows days and disappears them, mysteriously.  I really can’t use clearing out the loft as my excuse even though there’s a lot of old toot up there.  Having a new bright fluorescent light means that I can see all the rubbish that needs chucking out.  I wonder why I feel the need to hoard things that belong to the past?  Well no more, it’s all got to go so that my loft will be empty and pristine.

Caroline continues to push the book.  Beckenham Book Shop now have two copies and Sevenoaks Bookshop have sold two copies.  I’ve sold quite a few since Carole has been in Arizona.  Today she’s home which is a relief as I’ve been making it up on my own and it’s much more comfortable making it up with another rank amateur at this book selling business.  My sights are set on Waterstones – look out, ‘Down the Tube’ is coming your way soon.