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Two minutes of fame

Blog: tubedate 22nd November, 2011

Rob at Reyvis sent a message through that Robert Elms was talking on BBC Radio London to newly published writers and looking for stories of people who have self-published.  Several people have told me that he has a particular interest in tubes and London transport and London and its history in general.  Good I thought, I’ll send him a message, that duly done I sat and listened to the programme and realised this is an opportunity not to be wasted.  The topic of the programme was writers, getting published  and self-publishing.  I lifted the phone, dialled the number and got through to Hayley.  I told her about the book ‘Down the Tube’, threw in a couple of anecdotes so she said she’d phone me back.  ‘What about my pneumonia jab at 3 o’clock?’ I asked, she said she’d phone back soon.  Was I nervous?  You bet I was.  The phone rang, it was my big moment.  I was convinced I sounded nervous, when I came off the phone I couldn’t remember a thing I’d said, he’d said but daughter Wendy put me onto listen again.  Should you want to hear me, here’s the link.   http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p001d7kb

It’s not as bad as I thought it was but do I really sound like that?