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The Kennington Loop

Blog: tubedate 20th November

Met up with friends and found that John had worked on the underground installing the radio system throughout the length and breadth of the place, not only the tunnels where the trains go, but every part, walkways, steps, escalators and linking corridors.   He was a mine of information and it was fascinating to listen to his tales of how careful the authorities are regarding health and safety.   I also learnt that English Heritage have listed sixteen stations as Grade II buildings of architectural interest, several of them on the Northern Line.  Most exciting was his revelation of the Kennington Loop.  How I wish I’d know about this when writing ‘Down the Tube’, what a field day Carole and I would have had.  The trains can cross over – how good is that?  It conjures up visions of The King’s Group, The Royal Horse Artillery, those men who charge about an arena on horseback dragging  whopping great cannons behind them, criss-crossing with only inches to spare.  Imagine tubes swapping direction, missing each other, passengers wide eyed and pale.  What larks!