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Review by The Londonist

Down The Tube: The Jubilee Line, by Carole Blacher and Judy Worham

The tube-exploring grannies are back, and they’ve changed from black to grey (tube line colours…not their hair). If our parenthetic comment sounds a bit cheeky, it’s because we feel we’ve got to know Carole and Judy, having enjoyed their repartee during adventures on the Northern and now Jubilee Lines.

Their idea is simple: visit every station on the Jubilee Line, see what there is to see in the surrounding area, then find somewhere for a re-energising cup of tea. The whole thing’s written as one big conversation between two old chums, which gives it a very different flavour to the zillions of other recent tube-themed books. The pair are both retired teachers, and as such have no qualms about asking questions of security guards and poking their noses into interesting places. We’re pretty sure they taught us something new about every station, even though we lived on the Jube for the best part of a decade. With bonus chapters on the Jubilee Depot, Emirates Air Line and the 2012 Olympics, this is a rib-tickling sequel and a good warm up for when they eventually tackle the 60-station District Line. Buy direct from Worbler Press.