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Review by The Londonist

Down The Tube: The Jubilee Line, by Carole Blacher and Judy Worham

The tube-exploring grannies are back, and they’ve changed from black to grey (tube line colours…not their hair). If our parenthetic comment sounds a bit cheeky, it’s because we feel we’ve got to know Carole and Judy, having enjoyed their repartee during adventures on the Northern and now Jubilee Lines.

Their idea is simple: visit every station on the Jubilee Line, see what there is to see in the surrounding area, then find somewhere for a re-energising cup of tea. The whole thing’s written as one big conversation between two old chums, which gives it a very different flavour to the zillions of other recent tube-themed books. The pair are both retired teachers, and as such have no qualms about asking questions of security guards and poking their noses into interesting places. We’re pretty sure they taught us something new about every station, even though we lived on the Jube for the best part of a decade. With bonus chapters on the Jubilee Depot, Emirates Air Line and the 2012 Olympics, this is a rib-tickling sequel and a good warm up for when they eventually tackle the 60-station District Line. Buy direct from Worbler Press.


Down the Tube The Jubilee LIne

London’s Favourite Line

Book cover Jub (7)

DOWN THE TUBE THE JUBILEE LINE by Carole Blacher and Judy Worham

Carole and Judy, the two zany companions seen on BBC TV’s The One Show earlier this year, continue their exploration of the London Underground with the second title in their next in the Down the Tube saga.  This time travelling along the length of the Jubilee Line, they get off at every stop, joking, bantering and discussing in their own inimitably entertaining way and finding places, people and stations of interest including:

  • Seeing half an elephant and men with sheep on their heads at Waterloo.
  • Crawling down the entrance shaft to Brunel’s famous tunnel between Bermondsey and Canada Water.
  • Coming over all arty-farty at Tate Modern.
  • Being forbidden to tread on Wembley Stadium’s hallowed turf, but sitting in the Royal Box.
  • Discovering  in the Royal Mews it’s not just cats that mew.
  • Bowled over by the elegant pavilion at Lord’s Cricket Ground.
  • Searching in vain for the missing planetarium but finding Sherlock omnipresent at Baker Street.
  • Feeling queasy at the Old Operating Theatre and learning the recipe for snail water at London Bridge.
  • Contemplating their spiritual side while marvelling at the beauty of Neasden Temple; practising mindfulness in the Willesden Buddhist Temple; covering their heads at the Central Mosque, and assimilating the history of Southwark Cathedral.
  • Being bowled over by the elegant pavilion at Lord’s Cricket Ground.

Authors Carole and Judy said: ‘We had a great time swinging over the Thames on the cable car, and were dazzled by the modernity and efficiency of the Jubilee Line train depot.  Then there’s the stations themselves; some old, some impressively new, some borrowed from other lines, and one in particular, very blue.’ You can join the fun and discover amazing facts with Down the Tube the Jubilee Line for just £8.50 plus postage and packaging from www.worblerpress.com.

The Northern Line review by the Londonist says: ‘Carole and Judy are such joyful company you’d love to be a part of the adventure.’

For further information and to interview the authors contact worblerpress@yahoo.com.

BBC TV ‘The One Show’ features book, ‘Down The Tube: The Northern Line’

BBC TV program, ‘The One Show’ featured Judy and Carol, talking and singing about their book ‘Down The Tube: The Northern Line’.

This clip was broadcast on BBC TV on Wednesday 16th January 2013,  and here is their song:

‘You put a passenger in, a passenger out, in out, in out, you shake them all about.

You open doors, close doors and mind the gap. That’s what it’s all about.

All up the Northern Line, all up the Northern Line, all up the Northern Line.

Morden, Edgeware, High Barnet.

We are wondering if it might be the next gangnam style song to go vinyl.



Carole and I have completed our travels along the length and breadth of the Jubilee Line.  We have visited all twenty-seven stations, marvelled at some of the spectacular architecture, kicked our heels in a couple of dingy stations and met up with Games Makers on their way to the Olympics.  From Stanmore to Stratford we have visited Lords Cricket Ground, taken a tour round the Houses of Parliament and walked along to Thames to the Brunel Museum and much more besides.  We are currently in the process of finishing our write-up, so keep an eye out for our next book which includes Olympic highlights!

Olympic line

We’ve very nearly finished our journey along the Jubilee Line and what a great time we’ve had.  Our last visit saw us swinging across the Thames at a great height on the cable car watching the tall ships sail past us on their progress up the Thames.  We also met the USA men’s Olympic beach volley ball team who gave us both a pin.  A fitting climax to a great journey.  There’s another book coming soon.

BBC Radio London

I’ve been on the radio talking to Robert Elms about ‘Down the Tube.’  Sales are going well of this great Christmas present.  If you want to listen to what I said follow this link, I was on for at least two minutes at 2.18 to 2.20 – http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/p00lldgv

We’re afloat

The book is launched, sales are going well and comments on Facebook from one Kim Nicholas speak highly of the quality of writing.  We have been asked to speak to a local Rotary Club and eat dinner, two things we’re both good at.

London travel book ‘Down the Tube.’

Very soon we will be publishing our travel book ‘Down the Tube: the Northern Line.’  Part travel, part farce, part dialogue between two buddies, this details a journey of exploration, discovery and excitement, not to mention a little repetition and deviation.  With the exception of Woodside Park Station the Northern Line proved to be stimulating, fascinating and dangerously full of gaps to mind.

Soon you too can share the frisson of the flashing incident at Borough Station, marvel at the cunning ruse employed to enter the Oval cricket ground and discover the mystery of Jeremy Bentham’s  head.