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by Carole Blacher and Judy Worham

Book cover Jub (7)

Worbler Press proudly present the next in the Down the Tube saga by Carole and Judy, the two zany companions.  Travelling along the length of the Jubilee Line, they get off at every stop and find places, people and stations of interest.  They:

  • Saw half an elephant and men with sheep on their heads at Waterloo.
  • Crawled down the entrance shaft to Brunel’s famous tunnel at Southwark.
  • Came over all arty farty at Tate Modern.
  • Sported around the stadium’s hallowed ground and sat in the Royal Box at Wembley.
  • Bowled over by the elegant pavilion at Lord’s Cricket Ground.
  • Educated in the Royal Mews; it’s not just cats that mew.
  • Detected the missing planetarium but found Sherlock omnipresent at Baker Street.
  • Terrified at the Old Operating Theatre and learnt the recipe for snail water at London Bridge.
  • Marvelled at the beauty of Neasden Temple; tranquil in the Buddhist Temple, informed at the Central Mosque and awed by the history of Southwark Cathedral.
  •  Swung over the Thames on the cable car.
  • Revelled in the modernity and efficiency of the train depot.
  • Celebrated Olympic joy and basked in reflected glory.

There’s so much more including the impressive architecture of the new Jubilee Line stations.  Carole and Judy, joke, fight, banter, and discuss all they see in their inimitable entertaining way.

Available from 18th November, 2013 priced £8.50 plus postage and packaging from worblerpress.com.

For further information and to interview the authors contact worblerpress@yahoo.com.


by Carole Blacher and Judy Worham

Two bosom buddies from Kent

To travel expressed their intent

Not for them the Great Wall

Or treks in Nepal

On a Northern Line jaunt they both went

 Who travels the Northern Line at leisure? Who gets off at every single station in order to experience it in all its glory? We did. We boldly went where Baedeker and the Lonely Planet had not gone before. With three Finchleys, three Claphams, two Tootings and two branches passing through central London, this was an adventure of truly epic proportions.

 Fugitives from the administrative excesses of Further Education, Shakespeare loving foodie, Judy, and lateral thinking psychologist, Carole went underground.  Close friends and co-authors of the college’s unofficial satirical staff magazine, Rant – our antidote to the glossy brochure culture – we turned our whimsical attention to travel on a Freedom Pass.

  •  We blagged our way into the Oval cricket ground
  • We searched in vain for Stalin’s tomb at Tuffnell Park
  • We were fascinated by Finchley Central’s visit to the Stephen’s Ink Museum, surprising eh?
  • Jeremy Bentham’s clothed skeleton at UCL was a ghoulish must
  • We revelled in the past at The British Library Newspaper Store at Colindale
  • We worshipped at the site of Mornington Crescent
  • We witnessed the excitement of a storm drain at Tooting Broadway
  • We behaved badly in the Cyber-dog shop at Camden

 And so much more, including visiting the well known places: The Bank of England at Bank; the crypt of St. Martin’s at Charing Cross; Somerset House at Embankment, and The British Museum at Tottenham Court Road. This book is a cross between travelogue and a dialogue between friends, at times surreal, at times informative and enlightening, but always entertaining.

Available from 12th November, 2011 priced £7.50 plus postage and packaging from www.worblerpress.com

For further information and to interview the authors contact worblerpress@yahoo.com



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